Brisbane Cake Tin Hire

Novelty Tins

101 Dalmations 18-Wheeler Truck
Abby Cadabby Airplane - Wilton
Animal Crackers Ariel
Baby Buggy Backyardigans, The
Ballerina Bear #1 Ballerina Bear #2
Ballet Slippers Barbie #1
Barbie #2 Barney
Bart Simpson Batman
Bert & Ernie Big Bird - Face
Big Bird - with Balloon Big Bird - with Banner
Blue's Clues Bob the Builder
Book Pan - Small Book Pan - Two-Mix
Bowling-A-Strike Bugs Bunny - with Carrot
Bugs Bunny - Running Bunny - Cottontail
Bunny - Playboy Bunny - Step-by-Step
Bunny - Sunny Butterfly – Fancifill
Butterfly - Wilton Buzz Lightyear
C3PO Carebear - Cheerbear
Carebear - Multi Checkerboard
Cinderella Clown - Bozo
Clown - Happy Clown - Juggling
Clown - Small Computer
Cookie Monster - with Cake Cookie Monster - with Cookie
Count, The Croquembouche
Crown Cupcake - Giant  
Dancing Daisy Darth Vader
Dinosaur Dinosaur - 1-2-3
Dinosaur - Megasaurus Dinosaur - Partysaurus
Dolly Varden Kit Donald Duck
Dora the Explorer - Full Body Dora the Explorer - New
Dragon - Mystical  
Elephant Elmo - Face
Elmo - Party Enchanted Castle
Firetruck Flowerpot
Football Fred Flintstone
Garfield Gingerbread Boy
Golf Bag Good Cheers Mug
Graduate Guitar
Gumball Machine  
Hamburger Hello Kitty
High Flyin' Witch Hollie Hobbie
Home Run Hitter Horse - Carousel
Horse - Rocking Horseshoe
Hot Lips  
Ice Cream Cone  
Kitty Cat  
Ladybug Lego Mini Figure - Silicon
Lightning McQueen Lil' Cowboy
Lion - Friendly Lion - Jungle
Little Hero Little Pirate
Merry Mermaid Mickey Mouse - Bandleader
Mickey Mouse - Full Body Minnie Mouse - Full Body
Mister Owl Monkey
Motorbike Mouse - Little
Noah's Ark  
Oscar the Grouch  
Paw Print Peppa Pig
Pink Panther Pink Ribbon
Pirate Ship Plane
Pokemon Pony - Party
Pony - Precious Pooh Bear - Face
Pooh Bear - First Birthday Pooh Bear - with Balloon
Pooh Bear - with Hunny Pot Popeye
Power Rangers Preemie Baby
Princess Carriage Puppy - Playful
Puppy - Precious Purse
R2D2 Racecar - Nascar
Sailboat Scarecrow
Scooby Doo Skate
Smurf Smurfette
Soccer Ball Spaceman
Spaceship Special Delivery
Spiderman Spiderman - Spider Sense
Spongebob Squarepants Sports Car
Stadium Stormtrooper
Storybook Doll Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake - with Strawberry Super Mario Bros.
Super Racing Car Superman
Superman/Batman - (with face plates) Superstars Shoe
Teddy Bear - Huggable Teddy Bear - with Heart
Tee It Up - Golf Club Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Face
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle -
Full Body
Thomas the Tank Engine - Front Thomas the Tank Engine - Side
Tigger Topsy Turvy
Toy Soldier Tractor
Train - Little Transformers
Tropical Fish T-Shirt
Tweety Bird Tweety Bird - with Book
Up N Away Balloon  
Wall-E Wizard
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